5 Simple Recipes That Include Coffee

There are a lot of things that you can do with coffee. You can drink it, of course, but did you know that you can cook with it too? There are a few things that you can do to make some great things by just adding in some coffee overall. The following are 5 simple recipes that you can work with.

Magical Coffee

Starting off with something quite fascinating, here is a recipe that is for anyone that is of drinking age. This is a solution that you’re going to want to explore a bit with other options as well. You will need black coffee, and then to make it magical, add a quarter teaspoon of hazelnut extract, rum, and chocolate extract, with just a little sugar and you have a little bit of magic.

Chocolate Coffee

They call the espresso version a “mocha”, but this is not a latte or anything like that. This is a simpler version that is quite good overall. To get this going you will need black coffee, 2 cups of milk, cocoa powder, brown sugar, and vanilla extract. Mix this well and you will enjoy the beauty of this chocolatey, sugary, vanilla mixture.

The Big Boost Coffee

If you’re looking for simple recipes that include coffee, this mix is going to be amazing for you. Take an ounce of espresso to a cup of coffee and you’ll have a red eye push that will not let you down easy. This is a strong caffeine rush.

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Mexican Coffee

Another simple recipe that includes coffee is that of Mexican coffee. This is another recipe for those that can drink. Get black coffee, add whipped cream, a bit of cinnamon (ground), chocolate syrup, an ounce of brandy and half an ounce of Kahlua. Mix this up, and you’ll have an incredible drink.

Cookies With Coffee

If you’re a baker, and you want to use coffee into your recipes, here’s a quick option that you can pursue. Prepare chocolate chip cookies as you normally would. You can get a box mix if you’d like, but just don’t get the pre-made dough. You’ll want to make your own dough from scratch, and in the mix, the only thing you’re going to change or add, rather, is coffee. Get a chocolate chip cookie recipe and simply add 6 ounces of chocolate covered coffee beans, or espresso beans for that matter. Make sure that you crush these first. Do not use more than about 1 cup, though, and then mix that into your dough. This will give you a chocolate chip coffee cookie that is absolutely grand.

There you have it, 5 simple recipes that you can use to bring coffee to a variety of drinks and a cookie recipe. But here’s the thing, you could take chocolate covered coffee beans or espresso beans, crush them, and add them to any recipe that asks for chocolate chips and you can get a caffeine rush. That’s how easy it is to get a little push from the great coffee bean.

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